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Perge Architecture

The experience we have gained until today in the advertising sector since 2000, and the accumulation of knowledge composed in the design infrastructure opened the doors to new investments.

Our purpose is to blend our accumulation in these ancient lands where we generated all of our income, and give it back to our country, the geography that we belong to.

We have made an effort to support our clients, whom we provided design and application support in the fair advertisement areas, in the periods when they were out of solution.

The voluntary support we provided lead to the establishment of Perge Architecture Company.
In addition to this, we brought the modern architecture and the classical architecture of the past together in the same place with the experience we gained from office concept designs.


Perge is the first planned city of the World, establishment of which dates back to 3300 years ago (B.C.E. 1275), and which was urbanized in the Late Classical and Hellenistic periods and predominantly in the Roman Empire period.

It has the appearance of a perfect open museum with its theatre, stadium, water resources reaching to the city, basilicas, hamams, walls and towers surrounding the houses and living spaces within the city, and the unique architectural city plan, which is even admired enviously today.

The columned walkway, which runs through the city and has almost the appearance of a natural fair ground, became our source of inspiration. We have attributed a more important mission to the Perge Architecture Company with the sense of responsibility arisen from having such a rich history. Therefore, the source of our designs is the geography we live in and the unique signs left from the civilizations that ruled over this geography.

Authenticity and distinction in design create the source of our works that we offer to our clients with alternatives. We don’t charge a fee from the pre-fair designs we prepared. Especially, we listen to your booth ideas. In case you send the fair booth plans to us, we will send the works with alternatives to you within the shortest time.