Corona Virus Exam of International Fairs

/Corona Virus Exam of International Fairs

Corona Virus Exam of International Fairs

Corona virus, which started in Wuhan province of China and spread to the world in two months, affected all sectors, especially the general service sector.

The Fair Industry Global Association (UFI), Independent Fair Organizers Association (SISO) and Oxford Economics have done research together. According to the research results, fair organizations employ 3 million people worldwide. It has a volume of $ 325 billion globally. It contributes around 81 billion dollars to the national economies of countries. An average of 30 thousand fairs are organized annually in the world.source

There are many national and regional fairs in the world. The number of fairs approved by the International Fairs Association (UFI) is 621. This year, 325 of these fairs were canceled or postponed due to the corona virus effect. The loss of canceled fairs to the aviation industry is around $ 30 billion. Among the canceled fairs, there are fairs where Perge architecture customers have made an agreement.

One of the biggest fairs to be canceled in Europe is the technology fair Mobile World Congress (MWC), which will take place in Barcelona. After this decision, major fairs such as the International Inventions Fair in Switzerland and Geneva and the Furniture Fair in Milan, Italy were postponed. In this process, 124 fairs were affected in China. 60 fairs were affected in Italy, which is one of the countries that have experienced this process the most difficult together with China. source 

Perge Architecture,  provide the service, which is Turkey’s largest and Europe’s third largest fair in Konya Agriculture Fair 25.İzmir Book Fair is also postponed.

Dozens of domestic and international fairs have been canceled. Some of them were postponed to a later date.

In the second quarter of 2020, we took a number of measures to avoid being overwhelmed by the unusual situation we encountered.

We have increased our cooperation with our Customers more to solve this problem together.

Perge Architecture Office will serve its customers by working from home for a while.

Our hope is that this negative situation affecting the whole world will end in the coming summer season, and commercial life will return to normal in the whole world.

We wish healthy days.