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   Fairs are the most accurate address of the sector meeting where you can express your products, brand and company in the best way. One of the most important factors that will bring your brand or products to the forefront among all companies in the fair will be your stand is flashy and attractive.The designers of Perge architecture have designed hundreds of exhibition booths and have all the knowledge and knowledge you need.

 Perge Architecture offers you stand-alone solutions for your fairs, congresses and special launch events in iron, wood and paint workshops.

 Exhibition stand processes from start to finish;

 1.Exhibition Stand Design
Exhibition stand design is the first stage of your information and requests from the collection of our team’s design experience with your exhibition stand is designed.

2.Production Starts After Design Approval
After your design is approved,Perge architecture starts to produce your stand in our own structure, iron, wood and paint workshops start to produce your stand according to the size and need of your stand, this process takes some time.

3.We enter the exhibition area on your behalf and start the installation process
Fair areas are very limited for the installation of stand this time is 3-5 days in most fairs. No doubt in this process, because Perge architecture has a very strong installation team, the entire installation team will be happy to perform the installation of the stand.


Product Placement Plan

Remember that your goal at the Fair is to display your products only. Your stand design is also very important when exhibiting your products. All visitors who see your booth should understand what you do and what products you sell as soon as they see your booth. You should avoid any images that will put your product in the background. Don’t worry, Perge Architecture will do the best for you.

Exhibition Stand;

What we do?

1.Wood Exhibition Stand
2.Exhibition Stand
3.Congress Stand
4.Display Stand
5.3d Design
6.Product stand
7.Custom Design Stands
You can reach our projects at https://pergemimarlik.com/proje-kategori/fuar-standlari/ or you can reach us at 0216 526 20 22 and get instant offers.