Featured items in the exhibition stand design.

/Featured items in the exhibition stand design.

Featured items in the exhibition stand design.

When designing a fair stand, the exhibitor company should be thoroughly examined.

In order to avoid new designs to be similar to the old designs, it will be useful to investigate what kind of exhibition stands they have participated in, and what are the prominent products or ideas.

In fact, the concept of Golden Ratio in design is an international standard accepted for all designs, regardless of design diversity.

When designing fair stands, it is important to pay attention to the following items.

  • The exhibition stand design work is original
  • Functional use and ability to respond
  • The exhibition booth should include remarkable design elements
  • Company’s logo and slogans do not conflict with corporate color and general perception
  • In addition to the expectations of the institution in the fair area to meet more the expectations
  • Sample products to be exhibited to be exhibited in the exhibition stand in the best way.

These features are at the beginning of a fair stand design.

After listening to the opinions and suggestions of the firm or institution representative, it would not be difficult to design a fair stand in the light of the above mentioned features.

Perge architecture stands for these items while designing fair stand and aims to meet the expectations of the fair stand design of its customers at the highest level.