History Of Fair From Past To Present

/History Of Fair From Past To Present

History Of Fair From Past To Present

 Development Of Fair In The World

The abolition of trade walls between countries has created a great competitive environment in world trade in recent years. This commercial freedom allows us to grow economically products to even most remote countries.

Fairs are one of the most important promotion and marketing environments in the world. Although the importance of fairs increased today, the beginning of the fairs goes back to the oldest.

The word fair comes from the Latin word ‘Feria’ meaning “feast, religious ceremony”. The word ‘Messe’, which means the same in German, derives from the Latin word ‘Missa’, which is also used in worship. It passed from the French word ‘Foire’ to Turkish.

Fairs are the continuation of the kermess in history. It is known that kermess took place as an important social and commercial activities in India in the 18th century BC and in the Mesopotamian and Anatolian civilizations in the 9th century BC. In Europe, during the Roman Empire, the kermess had an important place.

The first known fair in history is the ‘Foire de Saint Denis’ founded in 629 by King Dagobert in the suburb of St.Denis near Paris. This fair, which lasted until 1789, was later named ‘Lendit’. 11.in the century, the city of Düsseldorf became a center of exposition, and the concept of “Fair City” also emerged.

With the industrial revolution, fairs have converted from markets where products are sold to environments where only goods are exhibited. Although the foundation of the Fair was accepted in France, the first major Fair in the modern sense took place in London’s Hyde Park in 1851.

We can sort the development processes of the fairs as follows;

  • Festivals, marketplaces,
  • The period after 1850, the change that came with the Industrial Revolution,
  • The present period.

Today, in fairs are exhibited also services alongside products.

 The 10 Greatest Fairs Of All Time

1.Expo 2010 Shanghai China 73 Million Visitors                                                             2. Expo 1970 Osaka Japan 65 Miyon Visitors


3.Paris International Paris France 1900 50 Million Visitors                                      4.Expo 1967 Montreal Canada 49 Million Visitors


5.Century of Progress Chicago America 1933 48 million visitors                         6.New York’s World Fair New York America 1992 45 Million Visitors


7.Expo 1992 Seville Spain 42 Million Visitors                                                              8.Brussels World’s Fair Brussels Belgium 1958 41 Million Visitors


9. Exposition Universelle Paris France 1889 32 Million Visitors                        10.Paris International Paris France 1937 31 Million Visitors


Development Of Fair In Turkey

The first known fair in the history of Turkey is “Sergi-i Osman”.

In the Fair held in Istanbul in 1863, domestic and foreign soil

products were exhibited along with industrial products belonging to European countries.

After than 1920s, small exhibitions have started to be established in our country with the increase of industrialization.

With the increasing industrialization towards the 1940s, exhibitions were replaced by fairs.

İzmir International Fair is the turning point for the exhibition industry in our country.National fairs were established in Bursa, Samsun, Balıkesir, Kayseri, Trabzon, Erzurum, Konya, Kocaeli and Gaziantep in 1964-1973.

The fair sector has increased especially in the 1990s in our country.